Hallo! I'm Scarlet! I'm a 16 year old vixen and it's very nice to meet ya! I'm very shy and anxious around new folk, but once I get to know you for a bit I become very open and out going!! I also LOVE to make new friends, meeting new people is one of my favorite pass-times! Wanna learn more about me? Keep reading! :3


I have a wide spectrum of interest, as I am pretty open minded to trying new things. My hobbies and interest include, but are not limited to:

  1. Science
  2. Programming
  3. Gaming
  4. Reading (sometimes)
  5. Fishing (I love to fly fish :D)
  6. and much more! :3

About my personality and the like

There's not much I can say about my personality! I know I'm pretty shy when I first meet someone, but I soon warm up fast. I am very understanding and open minded when it comes to things, so usually people can share an opinion and no matter what it is it will not hurt me. I wouldn't say I'm intelligent, not by a long shot, but I do have quite a bit of knowledge behind me. Im quite a bit introverted, I do not like to go out much. Though there will be times when I will want to go out somewhere, depends on my mood! Feel free to message me if you wanna learn more about me!

Art of me(my sona)

(It's a bit marked up so no one can steal it btw, for anyone who was wondering :3)

Favorite games/movies&TV shows


Mental disabilities

This topic is a bit more serious than the others, but despite that I gotta talk about it, so here we go! I have quite a few disorders, all of them medically diagnoised. On my diagnoises tally we have:

I believe thats it when it comes to my brain being mean! So back to happy!

Anyway I believe thats it! Thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day! ^w^